2014 Christmas Charity Vote – The Results

Thank you to everybody who took part and voted for our Christmas Charities again this year. The results are as follows:

  • Macmillan Cancer Relief – 51%
  • Alder Hey – 27%
  • Save the Children – 22%

As is usual, we have apportioned our donation to reflect your votes.

You may be familiar with Alder Hey & Macmillan Cancer Relief from our support in previous years, but here’s a reminder of eth work of all 3 of our nominated charities:

Macmillamacmilln Cancer Relief are the the largest cancer care and support charity in the UK, with the goal of improving life for those with cancer. In providing practical, medical and financial support, they help the patients, carers and families by guiding them through the system and aiding them throughout.

alderheyAlder Hey is one of the largest, busiest children’s hospital in Europe with 270,000 young people being cared for each and every year. The hospital, based in Liverpool, also researches into children’s medicines, infection, inflammation and oncology.

The other chosen charity this year was Save the Children, in particular the Ebola crisis prominent in West Africa. The charity have teams on the ground responsavetehchildrending to the Ebola outbreak which has killed over 8500 people in countries such as Sierra Leona and Nigeria. They have treatment centres for patients, while supporting children and raising awareness of how to prevent infection.

True to the organisation’s name, Save the Children helped 15.4m children in 2013, whether it was those in poverty, neglected or without an education. They run world-class programmes with the focus to save children’s lives and challenge world leaders to keep to their promises to give children a brighter future.

All three charities and everyone at Denca Controls thank you for your support.

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