Hi-spec control panel for the Nuclear Sector? – No problem


Design, manufacture and installation of control panels has been a core activity at Denca Controls for many years. As the business has grown over recent years, the size and nature of projects we undertake has expanded, and this growth has reflected in the range of system control panels we undertake.

Having recognised the increasing demand for larger panels, our on-site panel manufacturing facility has recently undergone significant expansion and refurbishment.

"The improved and enlarged workshop has made a real
difference, enabling us to build and deliver
panels to a demanding schedule."
Vinny Daly, Manufacturing Manager

A recent project is a graphic demonstration of this expansion. We manufactured and delivered a package of 6 control panels to a major Nuclear Power Generator based in North West England. Amongst these panels was a large, 8 metre long suite of PLC/Instrument control panel, one of the larger panels we have built to date.

8 metre control panel from Denca Controls
Denca Technician working on the
8 metre control panel

Initially Denca was commissioned to design and provide the detailed drawing package only. We subsequently successfully tendered for the manufacture of the panels as well.

The large panel suite included:

  • PLC section with 3 Eurotherm PLC racks
  • PLC marshalling terminal sections
  • Instrument signal conditioning & relay sections
  • Instrument marshalling terminal sections
  • Field multi-core cabling terminal marshalling sections

In addition several wall mounting starter control panels including an inverter motor drive, DOL starters and an annunciator wiring assembly.

The wiring exercise on the project involved installing over 130 KILOMETERS of singles cabling in the panels.

"Having our own panel manufacturing facility on site undoubtedly
benefits our one-stop-shop approach to process system design,
programming, manufacture, installation and commissioning. Having
control of all elements of a project enables us to develop and
deliver the best solutions to your process control needs,
on time and on budget." Alan Brennan, MD, Denca Controls
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