Responsive & Proactive – A Case Study

The Denca team pride ourselves on being responsive and proactive in our approach to customers’ needs. Therefore, it’s not unusual to get call outs for immediate help with an unexpected breakdown. Yet now and again customers look to Denca to deal with a bigger project on a very short deadline. As a result, these requirements can be challenging. However, we thrive on delivering the best of our service even in the most demanding circumstances. A current project is a great example…

We recently received a call from a new potential client. They were asking whether Denca could assist them urgently with a project. With their own commercial and contractual obligations, they needed to deliver two new mixing lines on a very tight timescale. They asked us to visit their site as soon as possible to discuss the project scope and practicality. We could then confirm our quote, start date and delivery schedule. And, most important, that we could meet their ambitious completion target.

Within 24 hours, Denca Managers and Engineers were on site with the clients. They looked over the site where the work was to be carried out while discussing the client’s requirements. The project included 2 independent mixing lines, one of which was divided into 2 sections. Consequently, requirements included two complete, new electrical controls systems. Additionally, there was a maximum of 13 weeks available to complete the design, build and installation.

Within 3 days we had analysed and reviewed the project requirements, completing and submitting our quote. It came in at almost £500K – this value a clear indication of the scale of work required. 

The benefits of a one-stop-shop

A key strength of the Denca approach is our ability to handle all core aspects of a project in-house. We regularly talk about the “Five Denca Boxes” referring to our five core service areas:

  1. Electrical Controls Design
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Control Panel Design & Manufacture
  4. Installation & Support
  5. Traceable Instrument Calibration

Input from all five would be needed to complete this project within the deadline. Denca would need to use all of its experience and project managing skills, plus the flexibility to manage existing commitments in order to meet the timescales demanded by the customer. Had it been necessary to look to external contractors for support in delivering the contract, the additional negotiation and project management resource requirement would have made the timescales virtually impossible to achieve.

Delivering the project

Following consideration of our quote, the client commissioned Denca to start on the project immediately.

With new electrical control systems for the two new mixing lines on the client’s site at the heart of the contract, Denca started work straight away with the Functional Design Specification, Software and Engineering.

We specified Rockwell Compactlogix 5380 PLCs integrated with the new Rockwell HMI’s. With one of the mixing lines divided into two, with each half requiring its own controls, the project needed a total of 3 PLC Control Panels. Furthermore, we selected Endress & Hauser kit to meet instrumentation requirements.

Sections of the new mixing lines included the presence of gases and vapours which heightened risk of an explosion. Consequently, these systems needed rating to ATEX Zone 2. Denca has built an enviable reputation delivering projects to ATEX standards and this experience proved invaluable. having gained lots of experience over the years.

Current status

Although the project is still ongoing, it is progressing as planned. Design and build is complete and on-site installation of the panels and systems has started on schedule together with the installation of cabling and containment from the PLC’s to existing and new mixers and their associated motors and pumps.  We are confident that the project will be completed and fully commissioned to everyone’s satisfaction within the final timeframes discussed and agreed between Denca and our client as the project has progressed.

To discuss how the Denca approach can efficiently help you with your next project, please get in touch.

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