On behalf of its client Tracoinsa, automation control system specialist Denca of Widnes, Cheshire, has been called upon to assist the leading supplier of mass-produced assembled components for the automotive industry, IAC Halewood, with the installation of an additional 15 power trolleys into its Land Rover dashboard production line. The overhead EMS monorail conveyor system has three phase power, single phase control and an earth rail for each trolley, or carrier, having its own onboard motor and variable speed drive box connected to the EMS monorail via. Flexible Brush assembly.


Denca’s remit involved executing the electrical and software design to increase the number of trolleys on the line, supplying all the electrical components including the LJU trolley boxes, the EMS monorail bus bar system for the extension, cabling of the trolleys and all additional sensors, repositioning of existing sensors, updating the PLC and SCADA software for the additional trolleys/operational changes, modifying the existing panels to take the extra hardware and cabling required and incorporating a tagging system to enable operatives to track and predict the arrival of individual components.

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