Growing demand for ATEX design & inspection

Denca has seen a growing interest from customers in our ATEX design and inspection capabilities.

A recent example was the request by a Liverpool based chemical company to carry out complete site compliance checks.One of Denca’s engineers was based on their site while organising and carrying out the detailed inspections of the site instrumentation.

Inspection results were verified and, where required, corrective actions put in place. Formal records for each instrument control loop were compiled into dossiers as part of the overall plant Explosion Protection Document (EPD) or Design Dossier.

As an element of our ongoing process of skills development, several Denca managers, engineers, technicians and electricians have already completed the Compex certificate of core competence (EX:1-4).

To further reinforce the company’s knowledge we are now submitting engineers for the Compex EX:12 Explosive Atmospheres Application for Design Engineers, this is a more
advanced level of training and is intended to give an in-depth awareness of explosive atmospheres and cover the design and selection of electrical equipment, along with the requirements of IEC 60079-14.

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