Hot Standby PLCs improve reliability for Denca customer

hotstandbyProblem – Production systems challenged through increasing demand

A leading Tier 1 supplier to the Automotive sector was seeing an increase in component demand coupled with customers expecting narrower ‘just in time’ delivery requirements.

Existing production process control systems, based on an ageing PLC platform, were being overstretched in working to manage the new levels of demand and accuracy of delivery.

Solution – New process control system designed and installed by Denca

Denca supplied and installed new, custom designed PLC software and HMI applications to control and manage the component assembly line.

The software was supplied and installed in a ‘Hot Standby’ configuration utilising 2 off Siemens S7-400 CPUs together with Siemens S7-300 I/O.

Finally, the old RFID tagging system was replaced with a new and updated RFID tagging system that ensures identified components needing re-work or repairs are safely taken out of the assembly line and, following corrective actions, are returned in the correct sequence for delivery within the new, agreed narrower delivery timescale.

Once the off line simulations had been demonstrated and approved, the control system components, PLC, HMI and RFID equipment, were supplied and fitted by Denca in a limited production shutdown window as part of the successful implementation of the project.

Benefit – Assembly line control delivering now and geared-up for the future

Denca’s customer now has a modern, reliable assembly line delivering better data acquisition and operations control over the 33 assembly  stations.

The new RFID tagging system enables components to be removed from the assembly line for repair /rework and returned in the correct sequence that the OEM automotive customer requires to fulfill its build planning.

Most importantly the increasing demand in volume and delivery scheduling are being met!

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