Premier Contractor Continues to Impress at AES Ballylumford

AES BallylumfordHaving been appointed as contractor of choice for all control systems operations at the AES Ballylumford gas-fired electricity power station in Northern Ireland, Denca Controls Ltd. has continued at the forefront of the company’s upgrade agenda.

The selection of Denca was born out of AES Ballylumford’s implementation of a ‘management of change’ manifesto focused on the ongoing provision of good corporate governance and the consequent drive to introduce a more streamlined way of identifying and undertaking necessary MEI plant modifications with associated documentation and support work.

Denca’s appointment as contractor of choice for controls-related reparations, modifications and upgrades meant that AES Ballylumford now had in place a dedicated resource working to a set of jointly agreed guidelines and cost matrices, creating a smooth pathway for all necessary controls activities accompanied by all required work, fully supported by the relevant documentation.

The Denca team had actually worked closely with AES Ballylumford on a number of contracts in recent years. These projects included the development, installation and commissioning of a new SCADA solution for monitoring compressor status at the site’s electricity generating “B” Station, various PLC surveys, upgrade recommendations and networking surveys. Throughout this period, Denca had impressed AES Ballylumford with its high standards, wealth of technical knowledge and flexibility.


After providing a comprehensive design study, Denca gave AES Ballylumford the reassurance of a fixed-price quotation for the SCADA upgrade project, covering full software design, SCADA graphics, event/alarm logging and commissioning of the system.

Commented Denca Joint Managing Director Alan Brennan: “AES Ballylumford has once again demonstrated that it is committed to an ethos of good corporate governance and is acutely aware of the benefits that a policy of due diligence regarding its operating technologies can provide.”

Download the full case study here (PDF)

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