Real world growth of integrated process data comms


Denca installed its very first Business Energy Management System in 2014. Since then, we have seen an increase in both interest and project commitments from our customers.

This trend looks set to continue as more and more manufacturers recognise the potential benefits in the capability to capture production data which, as a result, delivers an even greater insight into real-world processes that can directly help improve efficiencies, lower costs and provide better service to their own customer base.

At the heart of many of these projects is a desire to improve energy management and efficiency across a business.

A recent project

Denca recently completed a significant Business Energy Management System (BEMS) project working under CDM regulations as principal contractor.

Denca’s customer is a manufacturer of high volume FMCG food products based in North West England.  The BEMS installation is part of a factory wide systems and controls upgrade. Denca had a significant role in the project encompassing our full range of electrical controls and integration services and skills. Furthermore, the BEMS installation allows the customer to accurately visualize and archive electrical consumption across their entire manufacturing site.

200+ individual I/O units

Our first step was to compile the Functional Design Specification (FDS), working to the customer’s scope. Also, the site has existing Sub-Stations, each with individual load monitoring points. Denca installed  Siemens ET 200 remote I/O panels to each sub-station which in turn connected to local PLC control panels. In addition, we installed new CAT5e and Fibre cables to connect onto the factory wide network via local patch panels.

Denca programmed the PLC’s and reconfigured the SCADA in order to handle and process all the new data being delivered from the Sub-Stations.

As a result of the new installations, our customer now has a system capable of capturing, displaying and logging electrical energy consumption data across the factory.

In Summary

Denca delivered a Turn-Key solution for our client including:

  • Writing the Functional Design Specification to the customer’s scope.
  • Design, Build and testing of the many control panels.
  • Cable and containment installation.
  • Programming the PLC’s and developing the SCADA.
  • Comprehensive testing and commissioning.
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