Shipping Container to Control Room

Our new 8500ft² workshop is already creating opportunities for Denca and our clients to do more.

Importantly, the extended facilities are also allowing closer collaboration as this recent project demonstrates. Our customer is a leading supplier of water purification systems to industrial, utility and other sectors. North-West based, they deliver their services and products to a wide market at home and abroad.

They had previously placed orders with Denca, but these were for smaller control panels. Back in Spring 2019, our customer was looking to convert 2 shipping containers into portable control centres. They visited Denca’s Waterloo Road site to check out our facilities and capability to carry out the work.

Having assessed the Waterloo Road workshop, the customer decided not to give Denca the order. They felt the available space was too tight and presented potential handling issues. The bottom line was that the space was too small. However, at the time of their visit, we were in the early stages of our move to new, larger premises around the corner on Hutchinson Street.

The containers arrived at Hutchinson Street

Denca Operations Manager, Vinny Daly, immediately arranged for our visitors to take a tour around Denca’s new home. Work had started to renovate both offices and the workshop. He was able to show that the new workshop was significantly larger. The facility also includes a 5 Tonne overhead crane, making it ideal for their requirements. The customer agreed and we secured the order.

Delivering the project

Installation underway

In due course, two free-issue 20’ containers were delivered. They were painted, wood-lined and ready for us to begin the project. Denca’s first operation was installing lighting, distribution boards, cable trays and conduits . Whilst the containers were still in situ at Denca, the customer’s own team came on-site to fit the mechanical equipment, which included a large diameter fabricated Pipework. We then completed the installation of the electrical controls and instrumentation. This collaborative, integrated approach can bring real efficiencies, saving time and money, and even the environmental impact, by reducing transport and handling operations. It makes obvious and perfect sense.

With our move to Hutchinson Street now complete, Denca offers extended possibilities to our growing customer base, not just for the assembly of more containers but also process skids and even larger control panels. We can also build more projects concurrently.

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