Synthite Reactor Upgrade

Synthite is a renowned and historical chemicals manufacturer with operations stretching back to the 1920s. The scale of operation demands efficient, maintainable and controlled processes.
Denca successfully supported Synthite with a recent project on their HSY plant. The Synthite team recognised our experience in hazardous areas. Consequently, they knew we would be well-suited for their future needs. This latest project was the upgrade of one of their existing reactors.

The process reactor delivered reliable service for many years. However, Synthite needed continuing consistency of production and quality. The reactor needed updating to ensure reliability was maintained for the coming years. Downtime is often a source of frustration from an operational perspective. Nevertheless, our customer saw it as an opportunity to improve overall performance significantly.

Project Specification

As always, the project began with detailed discussions to confirm the project scope and objectives. These discussions enabled the Denca team to prepare a detailed quotation together with a full specification. Once accepted, the work began.

We had further meetings with our customer’s project team to define a Functional Specification. A step-by-step plan was finalised. Additionally, project timings had to be integrated with ongoing production schedules to ensure the site remained productive and functional.

Delivering the Upgrade

The restricted working area within a live production environment presented Denca’s installation team with many challenges. Working closely with other trades requires good communication and flexibility. Our team’s experience dealing with these requirements allowed us to successfully complete our tasks whilst mitigating any risks that could potentially arise.

When thinking about how we can improve our customer’s processes it’s important to consider all the available technologies and propose a solution best suited to the requirement. There is never a one-size-fits-all template to improve production or rectify an issue. This is why our engineers work closely with our suppliers to ensure we can deliver the best solution to bespoke challenges.

Bespoke Software

For this project, we used the Siemens S7-1200 PLC and a Siemens TP700 Colour Touch Screen HMI. The system needed to provide production personnel with live information on the performance of the process. Our in-house software team developed and tested the required coding and configured the HMI to deliver real-time data. This delivers on-site diagnostics, at a glance.

To deliver maximum performance, the system relied on the most accurate process measurements we could obtain. This is why we specified the latest Endress & Hauser instrumentation. Our team has been working with Endress and Hauser, a global leader in measurement instrumentation, for over 30 years.

Project Commissioning

With some hard work from our commissioning team, we were able to hand-over a newly functional reactor to our customer. Now controlled by a new and modern control system.

Overall, the project was a resounding success, delivering real measurable benefits. The upgraded reactor delivers increased product volumes, improved manufacturing times and decreased maintenance and downtime.

Perhaps most importantly, our customer was extremely happy.

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