Christmas 2012 Charity Vote – The Results


As you may be aware, instead of sending Christmas cards, we decided to make a donation to charity – and asked you to vote on our selection of 3 different causes. The three we chose are:

halton_havenHalton Haven Hospice offers care for people in the last year of their lives.

They aid people who are over 18 years old with life-limiting illnesses in and around the Halton, Cheshire area. Fundraising events, such as skydives and runs, are frequently held to raise the annual costs of the vital services providing by Halton Haven.

marie_curieMarie Curie Cancer Care will be familiar to many people as a charity dedicated to helping those with terminal cancer and other illnesses. With nine hospices in the country (the closest in Liverpool), they provide expert care and the best quality of life for those in need.

Marie Curie nurses also work in the home of patients all across the UK, providing practical support and care.

macmillanMacmillan Cancer Support aims to improve the lives of people fighting cancer.

As a source of support, they not only help the patients but their carers and families, guiding them through the system and aiding them throughout this troubling time.

We had a great response. Thank you very much to everyone who took part.

The votes are now all in and counted. Here are the results:

  • Halton Haven – 16%
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care – 22%
    and the clear favourite:
  • Macmillan Cancer Support – 62%.

Each charity will benefit as we are donating to all with the total donation divided in proportionate to the votes.

We and they thank you for your support.

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