Continuing growth at Denca

Denca is committed to growth. Consequently, the first half of 2022 has seen thirteen new, talented engineers join our team, an increase of nearly 20%. 

Headcount has grown in all departments: Project Management, Software and Panel manufacture. We are also pleased to be joined by new Electricians & Instrument technicians as we expand our capability across all areas of the business.

New departments

Data is a new department at Denca. We have set it up to focus on the increasing number of projects involving sophisticated data capture, analysis and reporting. As a result, our database management and high-level programming skills are in significant demand from our customers. Improving efficiencies and productivity by integrating information from multiple manufacturing processes are often key project requirements. 

As well as the new Data department, our marketing department is taking a central role in our progress, helping us to promote our experience across an ever wider audience. Additionally, we increasingly use our online presence and social media to inform and engage with a new generation of engineers and customers. 

Set for the future

The 2 years of the pandemic through 2020 and 2021 created an uncertain trading environment which continues to be affected by current world events.  Uncertainty often leads to change and we are confident that our customers will see the situation as an opportunity to develop even more efficient and cost-effective processes.

We believe that automation will play an increasing role in these developments. Talented engineers and technicians are essential to our growth plans. Denca is committed to recruiting and training the best team possible. Furthermore, this talent will give us the capability and capacity to help our customers achieve their goals.

In the meantime, we are pleased to welcome our new recruits from 2022. We are sure they will enjoy a rewarding career at Denca. 

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