Control Panels – Plus – The Denca difference

Denca has seen its business manufacturing control panels grow steadily since the panel shop extension was completed at the end of 2014. There are many reasons why our panel business has grown. We deliver quality, attention to detail, service and value for money.

However, some new customers have chosen Denca as their panel suppliers because Denca is more than just a panel shop. The Denca difference is that we can deliver more than just great control panels.

Control Panel Manufacture – 1 of 5 Functional Operations at Denca Controls

More and more companies are looking for joined-up solutions. A single point of contact on a project can deliver significant cost and efficiency benefits.

Businesses that focus on one task are increasingly being asked by their customers to deliver a ‘package’ solution. Consequently, this can involve them having to develop relationships with 3rd party suppliers.

Denca is different. Our dedicated control panel design and manufacturing facility, is 1 of 5 functional operations across Denca Controls. We call these the 5 Denca Boxes.

Even if you have considerable in-house expertise, being able to tap in to Denca’s broad knowledge and experience can by handy!

The 5 Denca ‘Boxes

We have the scope of capability to deliver end to end systems integration projects in-house.

We cover:

  1. Engineering Design 
  2. Software Design
  3. Control Panel Manufacture
  4. Installation and Commissioning
  5. Instrument Calibration & Repair

Whether you are looking for specific ‘one box‘ support to compliment your in-house facilities or you are looking for a fully capable systems integration partner, we can deliver.

Even if you have specific requirements our company-wide knowledge is available to help. As a result, we can ensure we deliver your best solution. Furthermore, if (as sometimes happens) the demands of the project extend, you can rest assured that our team has the skills to meet your needs.

We always welcome the opportunity to talk to existing and potential customers about what we can deliver for you. If you are looking for control panels or other services where the Denca difference can give you what you are looking for – do get in touch.

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