Customer Survey 2022 – Thank you.

Young Minds is the nominated charity for teh Denca Customer Survey 2022

Thank you to everyone who took part in our customer survey, 2022! 

As always, your feedback was immensely valuable to us as we look to improve and deliver an even better service in the future.  

The customer survey is now closed. Our teams welcome your responses which they are now reviewing as part of their ongoing business planning. Consequently, the data will go a long way to help us refine how we operate for the next 12 months. We thank everyone for their participation.

We are always keen to make our business better. Your comments and opinions, pointing out our successes – and shortfalls – are the main reason for conducting our annual survey. We are already working on learning from your comments and improving our offering to deliver even better results for you as we go forward. 

These are just a few of the positive comments we have received: 

“I have used you extensively since changing position with Saint Gobain last year and find all of your team to be courteous and professional at all times” 

“It’s easy to get a contact person and fun working with your qualified team. Happy to do business with you again.” 

“Excellent feedback from the commissioning team regarding the support DENCA has provided.”  

As promised when we launched this year’s survey, we have made a charitable donation for every completed survey. The Young Minds charity, which we have supported previously was very appreciative of the help. 

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