Customer Survey 2024 – Questionnaire

Denca Controls Customer Survey 2024

Please rank our service against the following criteria. We really appreciate it if you can add comments. It is great to hear the positives but constructive criticism is immensely valuable in helping us to deliver the best possible service to you. Please give us your honest opinions. Completed questionnaires received by Friday 17th May 2024, will be included in our draw with the chance to win class-leading, noise-cancelling Sony Earbuds

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Please rank our performance against each indicator. From 5 (Very Good) to 1 (Poor)
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Response time for quotes
Engineering the solution
Writing the software for your process
Panel build quality
Installation quality
Calibration services and service visits?
Meeting your delivery requirements

We really appreciate reading your positive comments but, to be honest, it is letting us know where we can improve that really helps us to deliver an even better service to you. If you have any experience of Denca where you are able to make a comment, PLEASE let us know.
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