Defibrillator Offers New Level of Safety to The Denca Team

As we see ever more regularly, defibrillators have a significant, positive impact in saving lives.

HeartSafe is the provider of the most advanced defibrillators in the UK. According to their records, there is only one other defibrillator local to Denca’s Hutchinson Street base. We decided to install our own unit, offering a new level of safety to our staff and customers. The new defibrillator will remain on-site at all times.

A member of the Denca team, Kev Mitchel, recognised the real risk of a cardiac emergency. Consequently, he has been championing the idea of acquiring a defibrillator for a long time now. Defibrillators have had a more prominent presence in the news since Christian Eriksen’s collapse at Euro 2020. As a result, there is now far more public awareness and research into CPR and cardiac arrest. There are defibrillators installed inside many football grounds across the country.

As it was December when we took the decision to install a defibrillator at Denca, we decided to have a little bit of fun with Kev by including it in our regular Secret Santa gift exchange.

After being so vocal about the need for one in the building, we felt it was only right that Kev got to open the defibrillator he was so instrumental in getting.

Take a look at his reaction in the video!…

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