Denca Installation supports mineral processing facility


Project Background 

Denca Controls’ client is a coal fired power station in the North of England.

Used coal ash from the electrical generation process is transferred to on site lagoons for storage.

An upgraded plant is being created which will recycle this waste ash by drying the product, filtering and separating the ash from other solids brought up from the lagoon. The final product will then be used as an eco-friendly additive for the manufacture of concrete.

The upgraded plant integrates existing facilities with new process improvements.

Denca worked with the clients’ engineering team to provide a comprehensive engineering solution including:

  • Aiding with the production of the process design
  • Creating an electrical engineering design package
  • Developing the control system
  • Completing the on-site electrical installation

A key challenge was to efficiently integrate the existing plant and facilities with a new controls infrastructure whilst ensuring the completed electrical installation is compliant with the latest standards.

Project Delivery

As parts of the existing facility were not in service, a power distribution network had to be re-established, utilising the 2 existing Motor Control Centres (MCC)s which were initially completely isolated. The new network, developed by Denca, reconnected the power and control infrastructure to these 2 MCCs and ensured the downstream power and controls signals were in place for the two, soon to be required, plant areas still under mechanical construction.

The nature of the project, mixing a combination of new and existing plant, meant that the client put a particular focus on all aspects of Health & Safety.  Denca were naturally quite happy to embrace the client’s requirement for a high-safety environment. Denca is accredited and operates to ISO 18001, and operatives hold industry-appropriate safety qualifications.

A particular demonstration of our flexibility was having our on-site supervisor qualified to IOSH standards. This role is more normally taken by a Health & Safety Manager who may not be on site at all times.

Key deliverables on the project include:

  • Provision and installation of cable containment systems.
  • Running and connection of all cabling:
    • Power to 110v, 240v and 415v
    • Data – Cat 5E Ethernet to connect weighbridge and gatehouse
    • Fibre connections
  • Power and control feeds to:
    • 34 motors 1.5Kw – 15Kw
    • 25 instruments
    • 12 Emergency stops

The project extends over quite a large area which meant, in certain cases, specific challenges associated with the distances involved.

Testing and Commissioning: All systems and 7.5KM of cable

In total, the project used over 7500m of cable rated from standard 1.5mm² to 4-core 70mm², all running in heavy-duty trays.

Following install and commissioning, all systems were tested to BS 7671 Amendment 3 (2015).  Tests covered:

  • Continuity
  • Polarity
  • Insulation
  • Dead-testing

Final Handover

Once all commissioning and testing were satisfactorily completed, a complete set of project documents and NICEIC certification was delivered to the client.

We are naturally pleased to have completed another successful project. Our client now has a plant that meets their requirements and will hopefully deliver for many years to come.

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