Denca Long Service Awards

As we approach Denca’s 30th anniversary, there are quite a few amongst us who have been with the organisation for most of these years. The longer-serving members of the team, have a great depth of experience. These essential and invaluable skills and knowledge add to the all-important development of colleagues as they are passed on.    

Denca was established in 1995 and since the beginning, we’ve aimed to encourage a team spirit, fostering a ‘grow from within‘ mentality. In fact, our leadership team has a near-100 years of combined service at Denca. A notable achievement in itself! 

As we look towards the next 30 years of Denca, we have decided to make an effort to recognise the long-standing members of our team as they reach service milestones. It is an opportunity to say thank you. We are proud and pleased that so many team members chose to stay with the company. This commitment is at the heart of our success. Here are our 2024 recipients of the Long Service Award. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to seeing more people reach their own milestones in the future!  

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