Denca@20 – Twenty Years of innovative systems integration


We’ve come a long way since Denca Controls was first launched in a modest rented office two decades ago. John Major was Prime Minister and there was a Britpop battle raging in the music charts when engineers John Talbot and Alan Brennan began producing electrical control drawings on Waterloo Road in Widnes back in August 1995.

From the start they wanted to work with clients, personalising what they could offer for each different situation and getting to know exactly what every company needed. They were delighted with the positive response to this approach and, as word spread and customers came back again and again, Denca evolved and expanded to keep pace with those growing requirements.

End to end service offering

Now we’re happy to be able to deliver a full spectrum of electrical systems integration solutions. With careful, sustainable growth over the years, we have the highly skilled staff, technical advances and flexibility that allow us to offer an end-to-end service from control panel manufacture, software development and PLC/HMI and SCADA, instrumentation and calibration services to installation and start up, testing and commissioning, as and when our customers want them, all from in-house resources. Our achievements for our clients up to this point have come as a result of keeping solid, practical technical knowledge and applications as the foundation of everything we do, while adapting to every individual context and never being afraid to consider something new – and that is something we are determined will remain at our core.

Committed to expert, approachable service

Denca has developed from two men with a shared passion and understanding to a team of around 75 working across engineering, design, instrumentation, installation and administration. As we’ve grown it has been hugely important to us that every person who has come on board not only has the skills to meet our exacting standards but also embraces our belief in friendly one-to-one service and communication. We started our apprenticeship schemes quite early on in our history and our training has always built that ethos as well as producing outstanding engineers.

We are proud that all members of the Denca team, no matter which area they are employed in, are committed to the same aims – and that we have been able to forge strong, lasting and successful relationships with so many organisations of all sizes. Our experience is that satisfied customers stay customers. We endeavour to offer bang-up-to-date technical expertise while also encouraging innovation and imaginative solutions so that even as circumstances and industries change, sometimes very rapidly, our clients are never left wanting.

We’re still based right here at our roots on Waterloo Road, but these days we own and occupy our own considerably larger premises. We are confident that we couldn’t be better placed to help customers through a greater depth and variety of challenges than ever, and we are looking forward to the next 20 years of creating solutions and building successful partnerships, old and new.

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