Design – The Denca Approach


Denca’s philosophy of “Imagination in Automation” means that at the heart of every project lies good design.

Consequently, Denca takes a practical, integrated and experience-based approach to electrical controls design.

At the heart of the design process are our experience and know-how. We take this knowledge and bring it to a close working relationship with our customer.

Clients can either provide detailed scope documentation or rely on Denca to provide consultative help to identify practical solutions to their new or refurbished electrical controls needs.

Through this process, Denca develops a detailed design specification which delivers the best solution for our client’s needs.  We then proceed to translate the aims and functional objectives of the design into a completely unambiguous design structure and methodology.

Denca’s design process delivers key documents which come together as a comprehensive, actionable blueprint for the project:

  1. Single Line Diagram
    A schematic project overview showing motor/control cables and airlines to and from panels/devices.
  2. General Arrangement Diagram
    Also known as a Layout Diagram, this document specifies Control Panel requirements showing the design layout for the panel(s) together with a comprehensive list of required parts with specifications.  
  3. Distribution Drawings
    Overall power supply specifications including MCBs/power supplies etc.
  4. Schematics
    Wiring diagram showing motor power/control connections for VSD’s/DOL’s etc
  5. PLC Diagram/loop sheets
    Drawings that show either overall card wiring or individual PLC/devices on one drawing
  6. E-Stop Diagram
    Specification of cabling and switches for Emergency Stop systems
  7. Network/Comms Diagram
    Although we design to a wide range of communication protocols, we find Ethernet is becoming ever more established as a de-facto standard.
  8. Cable Schedule
    Comprehensive listings of individual cable details including cable types, length, conductor sizes and locations.

These documents enable Denca to manage the design process to balance a straightforward approach for the client while ensuring all angles are covered.

Following on from here, and taking into account safety and budget constraints, Denca will build, install and finally test/commission the project.  

Denca’s broad expertise is particularly relevant as it allows integration with other aspects of a project – whether or not Denca is involved – to assist in delivering an efficient and effective design that is in context with the real world objectives of the project.

Key Deliverables

Every project can be defined by the successful provision of key deliverables which typically mix both on-site and off-site elements.


Core project deliverables which we normally deliver from Denca’s own premises include a Control Panel Test Pack which specifies:

  1. Visual and mechanical checks
  2. Continuity checks
  3. Insulation resistance tests
  4. Full function testing as far as practical including client witnessing if required

More detailed Hardware/Factory Acceptance tests (HAT & FAT) can be carried out if requested.


Following delivery and installation, we conduct final Site Acceptance Test (SAT) on-site at the customer’s premises. The SAT confirms effective operation and function to the design specification ahead of final sign-off and handover of the project.

Comprehensive Document Pack

As part of the project handover, Denca prepares and supplies a comprehensive document pack in both hard copy and USB that includes:

  • Full Set of Drawings (CAD/PDF/Eplan)
    • including digitising older hard-copy drawings where necessary
  • Supplier literature for all components/PLCs etc. 
  • Panel Test Pack 
    • Incl HAT/FAT/SAT docs where relevant. 

Where applicable we also include full Functional Safety and ATEX Documentation 

In conclusion, from initial design to final project handover, Denca work to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.  

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