Document Control – Real-world value

With our many years of experience working on varied systems requiring upgrades or specialist maintenance, Denca Controls is regularly asked to maintain or provide upgrades to older legacy equipment.

Do you keep up-to-date records and system back-ups?

Sometimes, the introduction of a modern and reliable control system is prevented because essential documents, records or back-ups are missing. It is remarkable how often, when we are asked to investigate a problem,  a forgotten password or the lack of annotated backups means we cannot access the software to establish the reason for a system’s unexpected behaviour. In these circumstances we are forced to overcome the problem with a combination of reverse engineering and experience, which can be a time consuming process.


The value of reliable support systems

Change management throughout the life of a control system is often difficult to maintain with changing personnel, production demands and limited resources, but it’s also not easy explaining to a production manager that it may be some time before a machine or systems operation can be resumed.   It is nearly always critical to a plant when equipment becomes unavailable and it is then that good records and reliable support arrangements pay dividends in restoring production processes as quickly as possible.

We encourage all our customers to carry out periodic audits to establish the availability and validity of back-ups, drawings, parameter sets and specification information.

What should you do now!

What should you do today? Make it a priority to check your records and backups are up to date and kept in a safe place where they can be reached quickly by all engineers and managers.

What can Denca offer?

Denca can help by properly backing up your software and data sets, we can also verify drawings and take care of documentation updates, information can be stored on our servers for duplicate records and increased security.

Get in touch now and let our team know if you want any help or advice with the management of your control system data.

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