Energy Efficient Control Systems – benefits all round

For many process and manufacturing companies, energy is one of the biggest expenses they have to burden and even though, as I write, we are seeing a dip in energy costs, the long term trend is only going one way and as energy costs continue to rise, any opportunity to reduce consumption and improve efficiency is welcome.

Control panels are a vital component of any process plant yet their potential to offer energy saving is often overlooked.

With the ever-increasing focus on energy efficiency, there have been significant developments in process control components over recent years.

Up to date control panels using the latest systems can deliver some surprising savings

Although Denca are happy to manufacture control panels to exacting customer specifications, we can also draw on our extensive knowledge of Control Panels and Control Panel equipment to advise on energy saving potential at the design stage.

Both components in the control panel and the equipment that is controlled have an impact on energy consumption but sometimes it may be that upgrading only one or the other can have the major savings potential – with the consequent reduction in cost through not undertaking unnecessary work.

Components showing particular efficiency improvement from the latest developments include variable speed drives and soft starts. Simply renewing old pumps and motors and upgrading from a D.O.L (Direct On Line) starter to a variable speed drive with more control can save on energy costs and cut your monthly energy bills. Legacy equipment could be given a new, energy efficient lease of life.

Choosing the right devices can make that difference and help reduce running costs and your carbon footprint. On plant improvement projects undertaken by Denca on behalf of clients, we have seen energy usage cut by as much as 50% on some key pieces of plant.

Benefits beyond the Shop Floor

The benefits of energy efficiency don’t end on the shop floor. Rising energy costs and excessive CO2 emissions have made energy efficiency a popular subject of recent times in the boardroom and in public debate.

Implementing energy efficiency in your company can even give your marketing department something to shout about. People like to hear about energy efficient business so energy efficiency really is win-win.

But what about implementation costs?

You may be focussed on production and process efficiency but the cost of implementing improvements can often be a stumbling block. Unlike some investment, projects can sometimes be financed out of direct cost savings with some remarkably rapid payback times.

Even the government is stepping in to help.

They have made commitment to significant reduction in the national carbon footprint and they are offering incentives to businesses who help to achieve their targets. Investment in energy efficiency attracts accelerated tax relief with 100% first year write off

There is also Government funding support available for most applications in the form of grants and low cost loans.

There really hasn’t been a better time to look at improving the energy efficiency of your process plant. If you would like to discuss how Denca Controls can help you realise the benefits to your business, do get in touch

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