The Denca Graduate Development Program

Denca Graduate Program

The Denca Graduate Development Program has operated since 2001. The aim of the scheme is to introduce young graduate engineers to the world of industry. More specifically, we focus on technology and automation within industry.   Denca’s graduates have mainly worked within our software development capabilities.   Our software engineers skills include automation products such as PLC, SCADA and HMI, this has expanded over recent years to include Data capabilities involving various higher-level platforms such as .Net, Entity Framework, SQL databases & other Intranet products.

The automation products use proprietary software from world-leading companies. These include Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi and others. Their products offer the opportunity to complete complex sequential operations with industrial processes and machinery. These systems provide operator control via HMI (Human Machine Interface) and/or SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

The systems gather and analyse data to provide insight into the efficiency and reliability of a process.   Our Data department provides the specialist skills to harvest this information and present it to operators, production and senior management in real-time. This process often reveals potential problems or money-saving opportunities.   The Data department engineers code in many modern programming languages including C#, SQL, Java, JavaScript and Angular, as well as others.

The Denca Graduate Development Program: Structured Training

Our graduate scheme is a formal training process. It builds on a graduate’s core skills over a three year period. The program introduces the concepts and experience needed to make engineering in industry an interesting and rewarding career choice.   The personal development programs provided by the company are highly regarded by our engineers.  Once attained they open up many great career opportunities.

Denca recruits graduates every year and their success is a mainstay of Denca’s success so we look forward to welcoming many more forward-thinking engineers in the future.

If you are interested in a career opportunity at Denca please contact us either by telephone or email us at

Meet our 2022 Graduates

Lewis Elder – Graduate Software Engineer

Lewis thanked everyone for the warm welcome and is looking forward to working with the team.  He intends to quickly develop more software engineering skills, hopes to soon be able to take on more responsibility and become a key member of his team. 

Lewis enjoyed his formal education, and has always liked engineering, he recalls having a love of anything technical from as far back as he can remember. 

In his personal life, Lewis is a gamer and a self-confessed car nut, he also enjoys travelling, watching football and socialising with friends and family.

Neil Martin – Graduate Software Engineer

Neil is excited to be a part of the Denca team and has enjoyed his time in the software department so far. Especially having a laugh with his colleagues and some hot food from the local café on his lunch (in particular the spicy sausage rolls).

In the near future, he hopes to continue to develop his skills in software engineering and is excited to meet the new and talented people along the way on this journey.

Outside of work, when he isn’t thinking about history or Star Wars, he really enjoys switching off, getting active and watching the football, despite supporting Manchester United. 

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