Instrument calibration: Upgrade to Denca’s services

Upgrade to Denca Instrument Calibration capability

Denca has offered an instrument calibration service for over 15 years. At the heart of this service is our own, bespoke database where we hold all the calibration records. Furthermore, the system allows us to maintain records of calibrations across an unlimited number of customers and sites.  The data ensures our customers have the records necessary to satisfy the requirements of their various regulatory bodies.  The system also allows us to monitor the calibration status of individual instruments. Also, this enables us to provide customers with timely reminders for upcoming calibration renewals.

Our calibration database is a key element of a company-wide intranet system that utilises Microsoft’s Entity Framework. Our in-house team of highly-skilled software engineers designed and developed the system.  In addition, this team is constantly identifying and implementing improvements and upgrades to the overall system and recently, the focus has been on upgrades to the calibration data processes.  The project involved updating the underlying technology, migrating the customer records and providing the Technical Services team with further operational improvements.

"The calibration system is utilised by our department in nearly everything we do, and the new updates are a great improvement on the previous version with many new features, we are also excited by the upgrades that are in the development pipeline as we move to an entirely paper free process.  We hope to offer our customers the ability for remote access in the not too distant future"
Dave Leyland, Technical Services Manager

The whole team contributed to the successful implementation of the upgrade that was completed at the end of January 2022.  As a result, we look forward to our customers seeing the benefits in efficiency and process over the coming months and years.

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