New label maker for our control panel team

Investment in new label maker

Sometimes, it can be an apparently modest investment that helps to keep us at the forefront of our sector. We might have the best team in the industry but we know they need the best equipment to work effectively. 

True to this belief we have recently installed and commissioned a new label maker for our panel manufacturing team.

Although it might be easy to dismiss the significance of this, it is important not to overlook the relevance and necessity of labels when it comes to panel manufacture. Not only do they make the manufacturing process smoother but for maintenance, it is invaluable to be able to locate which part is causing an issue during an emergency malfunction.

Efficient diagnosis of technical problems can have a real benefit for our customers. It improves efficiency by reducing required labour hours and minimising plant downtime. This efficiency can significantly reduce the overall cost of ownership of a control panel, enhancing the return on investment.

What seems like an almost insignificant purchase by Denca delivers real value to our customers. At the same time, it supports Denca’s own processes focussed on delivering the best and highest quality products.

A really win:win for both Denca and our customers. Do get in touch to discuss your next control panel project.


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