LJMU careers fair

LJMU Careers Fair

We have always valued high-quality engineering skills and Denca is currently working with Liverpool John Moores University to help develop the next generation of the nation’s engineers. As a result, we recently attended a superb LJMU Careers event hosted by the University. The LJMU team invited a select group of well established local companies invited to take part and Denca was one of this group . A key goal of the event is to present career ideas and offer a sense of direction to this year’s graduates.

Denca has a long-standing relationship with the university and we recruit several graduates each year to take part in our graduate development programme.  Additionally, it is an enjoyable privilege to nurture the start of a career. Our formal training programme normally leads our graduates to a full-time position at the company. We also hope it represents the first steps in what can be a rewarding career in controls and automation.

Two of Denca’s most experienced software engineers attended the LJMU Careers event. They were able to engage with a wide range of graduates, explaining what a career at Denca can offer. They also highlighted examples of the wide variety of projects and technologies that they might get involved in. The development team at Denca, of course, created some bespoke software, especially for the event. This work showcases their skills, and as always, the demonstrations of the software proved very popular.   

Talent development at LJMU is commendable with many ambitious graduates. We spoke with many interesting candidates.  Consequently, we look forward to developing our relationships with both the University team and individual graduates over the coming years.

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