Louis McAdam’s Apprenticeship Graduation

We are immensely proud of the Denca apprenticeship programme and to see Louis completing his, is proof, if it were needed, that the reward is there for both the apprentice and the business. We put considerable effort into our scheme and it is satisfying to see a new career starting as we add one more to the next generation of engineers.

To celebrate Louis’s achievement and his move to a full-time position at Denca, we gathered in the main office for a small presentation giving Louis well-deserved recognition.  Operations Director, Garath Coulter presented him with a gift for all the effort he has put in over recent years. Louis’s commitment and positive attitude throughout his apprenticeship saw him on site in all weather and at any time of the day.  His positivity was recognised by everyone who witnessed it.

At the presentation, we had speeches, cakes, and a certificate. Louis took away his new multimeter which will hopefully serve him well throughout his continuing career at Denca.

Thank you to everyone who helped Louis reach this career milestone. I’m sure the team will help him further as his development continues over the coming years.

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