Managing Obsolescence

Denca Controls’ Technical Services Manager Steve Walsh takes a look at the value of proactive maintenance and calibration in getting best long term value from process system investment ….


Installation of new instrumentation and equipment is often the starting point for a future dilemma. On the one hand a company wants the new installation to have a long, productive life to maximise the return on the initial project investment but on the other hand future obsolescence can mean spares and OEM technical support become increasingly difficult to obtain so maintenance costs increase.

It is understandable that most companies don’t want to sit on stocks of high values spares for that ‘just in case’ insurance. It’s often simply not cost effective to do so.

This said, it is clearly vital to maintain instrumentation in good working order and within calibration specification.

With systems working at their best, production and quality are maintained at their peak. Instruments, by their very nature, are prone to drift from calibration hence the importance of routine testing.

The value of proactive maintenance

Instead of letting instruments create problems, locating any potential future problems is the most cost effective way of maintaining the overall system. In our experience, it is always better to take preventative measures rather than reactive repairs and maintenance.

Instrumentation maintenance – the Denca way

Drawing from our engineers’ expertise and wide experience of manufacturing control systems and instrumentation, Denca offers regular site surveys to asses those areas that could be problematic and to help maintain system performance by identifying where latent problems may lie. This is particularly valuable with older equipment where repair solutions may not be immediately available ‘off the shelf’.

Whether you are looking for ad-hoc support or a comprehensive monitoring, calibration and maintenance service solution, Denca has options to suit you.

Our approach is to work with our customers to provide realistic, effective solutions for their future.

Experienced in nearly all major manufacturers of instrumentation, we also specialise in the more ‘bespoke’ types of systems and equipment. All this is aided by the varied backgrounds of our time-served Technicians.

All our testing is carried out to UKAS and other national standards of traceability. We also carry out ad-hoc customer-specific internal audits on ourselves to ensure our own systems and procedures are up-to-date and nothing is missed.

If you would like to find out more about how Denca can help you get the best from your own productions systems and instrumentation, do get in touch

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