Container Based Solutions

Since our 2019 move to a much larger manufacturing facility, we have seen an increase in the number of container-based solutions that we are providing.    We have the in-house capability to handle these 40-foot containers, the space and overhead cranage make delivery and handling a lot easier.

These solutions have mainly been built for the water and chemical industries.

The containers are purchased as empty structures and then fabricated to a bespoke internal design. The walls and floor can be insulated to the customer’s requirements with other changes including concealed cable access, and additional mounting rails for securing equipment and services such as heat and light.   The containers can contain system controls, motor controls or even small processes.

Due to the modular nature of these solutions, they can also be built and tested in the UK and shipped overseas for installation in remote projects.   These solutions also lend themselves to easy expansion as they can be cost-effectively stacked and interconnected.

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