Distribution Panel

Bespoke distribution control panels can be a very efficient way to supply your plant with electric power, our distribution systems are built to protect your vital machinery and equipment.    

Choosing the correct protection device is very important and there are various methods which you can choose from, such as Fuse, MCB, MCCB or ACB.  Designing the system and sizing the devices correctly will prevent common problems like nuisance tripping or equipment malfunction. 

When space is at a premium, we can design bespoke distribution boards to fit on walls or in other specific locations, leaving precious floor space for production needs. 

Whether your needs are better isolation or more protection, in a fixed or withdrawable compartment style, we can manufacture to your specification. 

We can also offer a modular solution which is more off-the-shelf and widely recognised as a Mini-Form Board.   These boards can be built to order but using a modular steelwork system, and are usually supplied with fuse switches. 

All our Mini-form boards meet current standards BSEN 60439-1 and BSEN 60947-1 for fuse switches. 

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