New Home for Denca

New home for Denca

On the 7th June 2019, following 4 months of fevered refurbishment activity, Denca completed our much-anticipated move by switching the phones, servers and internet out from the Waterloo Road site that has been our base since the company was formed over 20 years ago. Our new Home is on Hutchinson Street, only 300m from Waterloo Road and still in the West Bank area of Widnes, but it is a big step forward in the expansion of the business.

Once the negotiations to buy the vacant office and workshop were completed in February this year Denca put into effect our own project managing skills into organising the move.  Inevitably, there were plenty of things to sort and plan. We haven’t got everything as we want just yet but enough has been completed to allow us to make the move. The new building needed new heating, electrical wiring for power, IT cabling and a new telephone system. We have fitted new windows while the layout of the main office together with individual offices and conference and meeting rooms have been completely reconfigured.

Next came the painters and decorators, carpet fitters and finally over several days, Denca’s staff started to make the move across. We are now all transferred.

The new main office starts to fill up

At 8500 square feet, the new workshop is over 4 times the size of our previous facility while the 5 Tonne overhead crane in the new workshop is opening up some exciting opportunities for handling larger control panels and equipment.

The new workshop – over 8500 sqft

More than just a move

There is another side to Denca moving.

It is about upping the potential for Denca to support our customers into the future. Just because we have moved to a bigger and better-equipped home does not mean that Denca is moving away from those important smaller jobs that are part of the essential service we provide. Instead, it means that we have more space to grow and more space to create. We can do more for our customers across the board. Because we have been able to design our facilities, we will be able to work more efficiently. For the first time in many years all Denca staff are under one roof, our expanded facilities will enable us to further develop the larger control panel builds that we are gaining a good reputation for delivering. Of course, we are still keen to work with you on those important smaller panels too! They’re still an essential part of our business.

We believe our move is a real step up and a tremendous opportunity for both Denca and you, our customer. We look forward to welcoming you to our new home in Hutchinson street in the near future. If you would like to arrange to come over and visit our new site, or for any enquiries, please get in touch

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