Nurturing Young Talent. Local Community Investment

Nurturing young talent

From our launch in 1995, Denca Controls has consistently concentrated on nurturing young talent within our industry. We have seen our results benefit many individuals both in terms of their careers and also their personal growth. 

 Apprenticeship Programme: A Stepping Stone to Excellence 

In 1998, Denca decided to embark on a transformative journey by taking on its first apprentice. This initiative is fuelled by the vision of fostering a new generation of engineers and technicians. It has grown substantially over the years. So far, we have welcomed 36 apprentices. Notably, 16 of them continue to contribute their skills and expertise to Denca’s success. 

Denca Apprentices – the current cohort

Our approach to an apprenticeship programme has been key to our talent development strategy. The programme begins on the workshop floor. We provide apprentices with essential hands-on experience. They also have the opportunity to learn the dexterity skills and safety fundamentals of our industry. The apprentices then rotate through our departments as their apprenticeship continues, gaining exposure to the various aspects of the business. This structured approach allows young talents to discover their strengths and preferences. Additionally, it enables them to make informed career choices within the organisation. 

What we’re most proud of is the upward trajectory of many apprentices who started their careers here, several have progressed into senior management positions, becoming integral to the company’s leadership. We believe the individual success stories validate our decision to create and nurture from within our ranks. 

Graduate Programme: Bridging the Gap from Academia to Industry 

In parallel with an established apprenticeship programme, Denca Controls Ltd also operates a graduate development scheme, aimed at recruiting those recently graduated engineers. This initiative is designed to introduce young engineers to the world of industry. Naturally, there is a specific focus on technology and automation within our sector. 

Denca Graduates

Denca’s graduates predominantly work in our software development area, gaining proficiency in automation products such as PLC, SCADA, and HMI. Furthermore, the programme has expanded its technology focus to include data capabilities encompassing .Net, Entity Framework, SQL databases, and other Intranet products. The formal three-year training process imparts graduates with the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in the industrial software engineering domain. 

It would be fair to say that graduate recruitment is a significant contributing factor to Denca’s success over the years. The company’s graduates play a pivotal role in driving innovation and maintaining its competitive edge. These young professionals inject fresh perspectives, and their accomplishments are closely interwoven with the company’s achievements. 

Engaging with the Next Generation of Engineers 

In our quest to identify promising new talent and fulfil our internal training programmes we engage with the local community and engage with many local universities, a good example of this commitment is our participation in many successful careers events hosted by Liverpool John Moore University.  

Engaging with future talent

At these events,  Denca’s experienced software engineers offer insights into a career at Denca and showcase some of the exciting projects we have delivered within the automation industry. A highlight for the graduates is a hands-on presentation and explanation of pieces of bespoke Denca software, this has proven to be exceptionally popular. 

This event not only serves as a platform for attracting the next generation of engineers to Denca but it also hopefully introduces some young people to the merits of working in the manufacturing sector and the opportunities that it brings. 

The combination of a robust apprenticeship programme, a structured graduate initiative, and active participation in local career events illustrates Denca’s belief that our future success lies in the development of the young people within our community. 

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