Omron Workshop – 8 August 2021

Bringing together practical expertise and technology is the key to delivering innovative automation solutions. As well as building the best team, we also work closely with our suppliers. Our goal is to stay up to date with the constantly evolving technologies available to us.

Today we had the opportunity to grow our engineering capabilities. At our Widnes base, Denca hosted a workshop and demonstration of new technologies developed by Omron and delivered by their representative.

Omron is a global organisation with a strong presence in the UK. The company creates inspiring solutions for a range of markets from consumer healthcare to industrial automation. During their visit to Denca, we had the chance to explore their new product offerings. We also discussed how they could benefit Denca and our customers through upgrades and enhancements to our automation solutions.

By incorporating these new components in our control panel builds, we expect to be able to reduce project lead times. Streamlining internal components allows us to speed up the CPU elements of a panel build. It also helps us deliver a more seamless solution on-site, no matter what the brief is. As a by-product of these efficiency improvements, we are confident we will be able to make our projects even more cost-effective for our customers.

If you are looking to improve, extend or replace your existing process control systems, do get in touch to discuss how Denca can help.

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