Remote Service & Diagnosis saves time for Denca Clients

remoteAs a part of our service delivery, we recognise the importance of meeting our clients’ needs. In line with this commitment, we will always tailor maintenance and service agreements to match your specific requirements.

Perhaps naturally, a common request is that we achieve problem resolution in the fastest possible time, and without disruption to machine or process control systems.

Using the latest internet or GSM based connection technology we can remotely diagnose control system faults, allowing Denca to assess issues quickly and initiate solutions with minimum delay.

Advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology ensures system integrity. Our connections will not compromise machine or plant security and will pass the scrutiny of your  IT department.

Our hardware and software are specifically designed for purpose yet are easy to install.

Operation of the system is fully traceable with every connection logged and our engineer’s completing a detailed report on their activity for each connection.

100% compatible with PLCs from most leading manufacturers, older control systems and machines can normally be remotely serviced as easily as newly installed equipment. Key system performance monitoring and live production data can be processed and analysed. Potential problems or unusual behaviour can trigger automatic notification to our maintenance teams.

Remote access can form the basis of a highly cost-effective proactive maintenance strategy, which significantly reduces service costs and downtime.

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