Working at height safely and efficiently – Ongoing investment

Operational safety is essential, particularly when working at height.

It is an old adage but there is real benefit in having the right tools for the job. Furthermore, having the right tools helps our teams to work safely and efficiently – a real win:win.

Denca is committed to investing in the best, most appropriate equipment. This approach helps us ensure we continue to deliver class-leading service to our customers.

As we take on more wide-ranging, and larger projects, we find an increasing need to work at height. As many of you will know, working at height safely is challenging. It is vital to maintain safe working practices are ensure a safe working environment. These challenges are back-up by extensive legislation!   As a result, there is perhaps no better example of where the right tools are critical. Consequently. this week our installation team reached the final stage of procurement for the purchase of two brand-new scissor lifts that will guarantee a safer and faster operation when working at heights.

Denca works safely at height
Delivery of one of our new scissor lifts.

As part of their comprehensive safety training and certification, Denca’s on-site installation teams are fully licensed to work at height. Furthermore, it is a real benefit to be able to use our own lifts. Productivity and efficiency are at the heart of what we do here at Denca Controls. Whenever necessary, we can now move swiftly to complete without the need to rely on hire vehicles.

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