Supporting Customer Growth

The value of effective service delivery

Denca focuses on the effective and efficient execution of our services to deliver the technical EC&I outcomes demanded by its customer base.

Leading global Management Consultants McKinsey name it “Omnichannel customer service”. At its heart is satisfying customer needs through effective engagement and effective delivery of technical solutions.

We appreciate we’ve still some way to go to fully satisfy McKinsey’s description but with Denca’s traditional proactive culture and being the approachable systems integrator we are not only confident we are headed in the right direction but are seeing tangible results.

Denca has grown strongly in the last 5 years, especially since 2014. Then again, so have Denca’s customers. By delivering quality EC&I projects that are central to our customers’ investments plans, we are helping them drive their own growth.

Denca is growing by helping our customers grow. A true partnership.

It is Denca’s intention to continue this collaboration – to work ever closer together with our customers to help them grow further.

True Value

Denca’s offer to our clients has real depth. We offer support from the first contact:

  • Appropriate help with defining project scope
  • Site surveys as necessary
  • Support with detailed design
  • Build & installation advice
  • Components selection based on operational need

We can also have an eye on overall cost, providing advice on alternatives if this makes sense. Are the chosen components reliable? Are they a good overall fit?

We also advise on regulatory requirements as well as sector best practice. In addition, Denca’s experience across many industrial sectors is enviable and a valuable resourse for our customers.

Keeping up

As our customers grow, so Denca must keep up. Sustainable development is central to our own ethos.

Whether a customer is new or of long standing, the Denca team works equally hard to ensure that projects are delivered to our exacting standards.

To support customer growth and to be able to carry out growing projects, Denca continues to actively recruit. Our industry is facing huge skills shortages. It is a challenge to find the right people with appropriate qualifications, experience and competence. Furthermore, looking for the right aptitude and capability to deliver to our customers’ requirements adds to the challenge.

In this article, we look at our own approach to growth. Denca offers interesting varied work combined with a healthy work/life balance. Our approach is succeeding. Our headcount has surpassed 100 and we continue to recruit as well as expanding our efforts in training the next generation.

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