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Denca’s team of experienced technicians has the expertise to perform calibrations that are traceable to national standards, ensuring compliance with modern manufacturing industries’ verification and documentation requirements, such as pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, chemicals, and other process-driven sectors.

Furthermore, Denca technicians conduct inspections and remedial works in hazardous environments, which may involve risks associated with vapours and dust.

We undertake both one-off calibrations and comprehensive site calibration management for numerous “Blue Chip” companies throughout the UK. Our objective is to deliver extensive technical system support to ensure that all our clients’ electrical systems operate safely, efficiently, and comply with all applicable regulations and standards. 

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Denca regularly provides customer maintenance support for both electrical and process control solutions. This activity includes: 

  • ATEX Inspections
  • Instrumentation
  • Emergency Breakdown Response
  • Safeguarding Maintenance
  • Periodic Tests and Calibrations
  • Periodic Instrumentation Inspections
  • Shutdown Planning

We are capable of carrying out calibrations in the following areas:- 

  • Temperature 
  • Pressure 
  • Level 
  • Flow 
  • Load Cells & Weight 
  • Analytical/pH/Conductivity 

We have a diverse team of technicians that have excellent experience across many industries. Please get in touch if you have any requirements not listed above as we may be able to assist.  


In-house static flow rig

Our in-house static flow rig is capable of most flow meters up to 3”. If Denca are unable to calibrate in-house then we have many partners in which we can utilise to meet your needs.  


After the installation of electrical systems, Denca’s technicians conduct all necessary safety checks, commissioning, and fine-tuning activities to ensure that the system operates safely, reliably, and efficiently. Our experienced technicians can provide support and training to your staff to help them operate the system optimally. Additionally, we can produce appropriate supporting documentation for the project. Our CompEx-trained technicians conduct thorough inspections and prepare a comprehensive set of documentation that complies with all relevant regulations and standards. This documentation set is provided to our clients on completion of our works and includes all relevant technical specifications, safety procedures, and maintenance instructions. Denca’s commitment to providing high-quality documentation ensures that our clients have a full understanding of their electrical systems’ design, operation, and maintenance requirements.  

We have ATEX-qualified technicians and engineers in the following areas… 

  • Ex01-04 (Gas and Vapours) 
  • Ex05-06 (Dust) 
  • Ex12 (System Design) 
  • Ex14 (Responsible Persons and Management) 


Although design of control systems and software is at the technical heart of our business, these developments are meaningless to you unless they are kept operational and delivering real benefit to your business. Our comprehensive service offering includes complete, wraparound support covering system checks, commissioning, continual technical support and planned maintenance.

Our involvement can adapt to suit your needs ranging from supplying assistance to the engineering staff of customers, to taking full responsibility for the upkeep of the systems on our clients’ sites. With an experienced team skilled in a variety of process applications, our engineers support customers at end-user sites throughout the world. 

Once your new system is up and running, Denca remains in close contact to assist, advise and if required take care of scheduled maintenance, calibration and repairs. 

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