The Denca Controls approach to Instrumentation services


In 3 words:

approachable | responsive | imaginative

In our experience of working with customers over the past 20 years, we have learnt one thing above all else:

 Different companies like to deal with their instrumentation
in different ways.

To ensure we are giving the best possible service we recognise the value of always remaining flexible to work with customers to deliver the best possible solutions.

Varying approaches

Some of our customers, both large and small, like us to meet their calibration needs from start to finish…

  • Initial systems audit to ensure all instrumention is registered and logged
  • Fully managed calibration schedule
  • Delivery and maintenance of logs, certification and associated data

Other customers prefer us to work alongside their existing team to provide additional support which may include elements of any or all of the above while in-house staff undertake day to day tasks.

Occasionally, customers like us to react rapidly to their breakdowns. Whilst a purely reactive approach is far from ideal, there are time where the capability to respond to unexpected situations quickly and effectively is a valuable add-on

Thankfully, we are fortunate enough, through long term training and continual improvement of our Technicians to be able to respond to these different needs.

We tailor our support for each and every one of our customers which allows us to deliver a highly effective and appreciated business model.


Key to the Denca approach is having the flexibility to react and fit in with what our customers want.

We believe flexibility is central to our success in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

Our proven ability to consistently provide solutions to sometimes almost impossible requests and normally within extremely short timescales is highly valued by our clients.

We admit that, at times, these requests can be demanding, however, the importance of instrumentation to a company’s operations is more often than not critical. A rapid response is part of Denca’s added value service.

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