The growing Denca Team

Denca is committed to investing in the community around us. We welcome four new apprentices and a graduate trainee to the company. We are proud and excited by the opportunity to mould this new generation into the valuable employees we depend upon.

The four apprentices are all local lads. Two are aiming to qualify as wiremen and two as electricians. Over the coming months, they will all undertake our comprehensive and relevant training while developing a solid understanding of the appropriate standards & practices to ensure that we continue to deliver the quality craftsmanship we are known for amongst our customers.

Graduate Software Engineer

We have also taken on board a newly qualified and ambitious software engineer, recently graduated from Liverpool’s John Moore University. Our well-established graduate training programme integrates with our apprentice programme. This combination allows Denca to develop a team with the skills, expertise and knowledge to deliver the multi-disciplinary projects required by our growing customer base. 

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