The Latest WAGO Technologies: Hands on Training

At Denca we rely on the fast-paced evolution of technology to provide our customers with imaginative solutions. The Automation Industry has grown every year. There is only more scope for growth as Industry 4.0 and IoT are integrated further into manufacturing . Consequently, it’s imperative that we consistently keep up to date with the subtle advancements in technology.

We regularly invite our suppliers over to our Widnes HQ to showcase their latest products. These visits are an opportunity for our team to get a hands-on demonstration of upcoming technologies. Last week, we were thrilled to host LED controls to demonstrate the latest WAGO technologies. WAGO are an internationally recognised brand name in the fields of connection, automation technology and interface electronics. Denca & WAGO share end-users across a wide range of sectors. These include industrial manufacturing, energy supply, process solutions, plant engineering as well as transport. WAGO technologies are a perfect fit within our supply chain.

A wide range of WAGO Technologies

The training was informative and tactile with power supplies, relays and DIN Rail mounted solutions on show. Our design engineers and manufacturing team were at the front of this session. It showcased some of the equipment they would use over the coming years. The new products deliver enhanced cost efficiency, reliability and ease of use for both installation and manufacturing applications.

“LED’s visit was informative and digestible for everyone involved. We look forward to continuing working with them through our design and manufacturing processes.

It was a pleasure to have LED Controls visit our offices and a big thank you to them for their valuable insight and support.”

Denca Project Manager and event host, Adam

A great day with the WAGO team from LED Controls

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