CompEx Ex14 – extended capability across the Denca Team

The CompEx Ex14 Responsible Persons Qualification is a nationally recognised accreditation. The qualification is for senior personnel directly responsible for the management of staff, processes and procedures. In particular, those relating to potentially explosive atmospheres. 

As Denca increases work with customers operating in higher-risk and other more challenging environments, we are finding a growing demand for demonstrable process conformity.  We have been pleased to support many projects with the ATEX-compliance elements in what is a  challenging and complex area.

IEC60079-14 and/or IEC60079-17 are the national directives outlining the knowledge, skills and competencies that an organisation must adhere to when involved in the coordination of projects in hazardous areas. 

We are pleased to report that Dave Leyland, Technical Services Manager, has now attained the Ex14 standard while Operations Manager, Steve Walsh, has recently renewed his qualification. With two qualified technical managers, Denca brings valuable expertise and experience to this important area of our business. 

Extending our team of Compex-trained personnel puts us in an even better position to help our customers.  We can support the management and planning, as well as the practical inspections, associated with compliance. 

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