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Denca designs and manufactures control panels for both the end-user and OEM markets. Whilst most of our end-user panels are supplied as core elements of integrated systems projects, we also produce panels to OEM specifications either as one-offs or as a batch production. 

Through all of our work, we focus on:

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective quality

Our customers rely on us as the one-stop-shop manufacturer for their control automation solutions. We are proud of our ability to produce and deliver safely, on tight deadlines and with a rapid turnaround. 

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We are specialists in producing bespoke systems and this list indicates the scope of our experience but isn’t comprehensive. Contact us and we can advise a solution that is best suited to your requirements. 

Comprehensive Range

Denca manufactures these main types of Control Panels:

  • PLC Control Panels
  • Push Button Stations
  • Instrument Control Panels
  • Pneumatic Control Panels
  • EMC Control Panels
  • VSD Motor Control Panel
  • HMI Panels
  • PLC/Motor Control Panel
  • MCC Form 4 - custom steelwork
  • Remote IO Panel (RIO)
  • Container Based Solutions
  • MCC Form 2
  • Distribution Panel

Certified Experience 

We continue to deliver panels in a wide range of sizes and complexity from small control stations, through medium-sized panels up to large and complex system controls, covering most aspects of the instrumentation and electrical field. 

New Opportunities

With the rising demand for high-specification control panels, more and more focus is coming onto the enclosures and systems that Denca use when they are building panels. While the flexibility to use the right enclosure for the right job means we have a range of suppliers we work with, there is a clear trend for enclosure manufacturers to produce systems designed from the ground up to meet published standards. This choice in specification and standards means Denca’s advice is often helpful at the early stages of a project. 

Delivering the best solution 

If you are looking for a control panel manufacturer who delivers expertise and advice as well as top-quality  panels, do talk to us. With experience from working with small manufacturing plants up to major Oil, Gas and Nuclear installations as well as some of the biggest production sites in the UK,  Denca Controls are ideally placed to advise and deliver the most appropriate control panel solution for your project. 

In practice, several Denca customers have in-house project management teams with the ability to draw up detailed specifications and plans. We are also quite happy to work from these, and regularly we do. 

Denca designs and manufactures a wide range of control panels

Delivering the best solution 

Control Panels manufactured by Denca meet current European standards BS EN 60204 and they are manufactured in accordance with our BS EN 9001, EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 18001 accreditations. Quality is second nature to our team who have a strong, can-do attitude. 

Advice and Support

With our process control experience now going beyond three decades, we can, where required, offer panel design and manufacturing advice, including how to best specify Control Panels to realise maximum energy savings and efficiency without sacrificing utility or quality. 

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