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Our commitment to inventive software engineering is endorsed by the fact that almost half of our engineering staff are skilled software engineers. Their focus is producing structured, highly effective programming solutions for PLC, HMI, SCADA and data applications.

The experience of our software engineers enables us to work with clients through every step of the software development, from the initial design specification through to final project implementation and commissioning.


PLCs offer great processing power for applications that involve large quantities of data and high task speeds, with the potential to perform multiple functions simultaneously. Our know-how and our long and established partnerships with the leading suppliers ensure we are always up to date. With this in mind, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution regardless of the hardware.


HMIs provide the ability to control, monitor and manage applications. Working with leading HMI software has helped us create an adaptable, user-friendly system that can work to meet your needs and requirements. Developing an easy-to-use solution while working closely with our client delivers all of the information required to run your plant efficiently.


Where systems require the increased capabilities of a SCADA solution our engineers have proven experience with all major SCADA platforms. A properly engineered SCADA solution will provide plant data to allow continual optimisation and process improvements, with the resultant increase in efficiency.  Each application is considered and a design developed to suit the site’s individual needs.


With our wealth of knowledge across all leading software platforms we are ideally placed to provide advice on the replacement of obsolescent automation equipment. From upfront obsolescence survey’s through to upgrades to the latest technologies we have the capability to modernise legacy plant process equipment.


We know that sometimes your plant doesn’t always run smoothly and from time to time you may need urgent support to get things moving again. Our flexible approach means we are able to support you when you need us, this can be in person or remotely. Whether it’s a phone call to our offices or part of one of our tailored 24hr support contracts we will always be there when you need us.

We work with all leading component and system suppliers including:

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