Good design lies at the heart of successful systems integration.

An insight into Denca Controls...

Design Engineering

Good design lies at the heart of successful systems integration. With an ‘outline solution’ first established between customer and project engineer, Denca design engineers then apply the painstaking skills that make all the difference between arriving at ‘a workable result’ or delivering a highly effective, value-for-money, automated control system.


Our commitment to inventive software engineering is endorsed by the fact that almost half of our staff are skilled software engineers. Producing structured, highly effective programming solutions for DCS and SCADA applications – our software capabilities also uniquely embrace both PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) touchscreen technologies. 

Control Panels

To ensure Denca control panels consistently exceed customer expectations, we manufacture them ourselves. Our skilled manufacturing team is tasked with making certain that our control panels and bespoke system control technologies are right first time. 


You can count on Denca to satisfy every aspect of the installation and commissioning phases. After our skilled in-house installation team has constructed your system on-site to the highest of standards, Denca project engineers will carry out all necessary safety checks, commissioning and fine-tuning activities.

Available to provide staff familiarisation and necessary training, Denca remains in close contact to assist, advise and take care of scheduled maintenance, calibration and repair. 

Technical Support

Technical systems support including traceable calibration to the highest national standards

Denca has a team of experienced technicians able to provide calibrations traceable to National Standards. Giving our customers the verification and documentation required by all modern manufacturing industries including Pharma, Food, Automotive, Chemicals and other process-driven sectors.


Accurate, relevant, accessible data is the key to cost-effective processes. If you know how your systems are performing, you can identify opportunities for efficiency improvement. You can pinpoint potential failures and deal with them before they happen. Your plant can deliver most profitably to your bottom line.

Data and plant information can improve efficiency and reduce downtime but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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