Accurate, relevant, accessible data is the key to cost-effective processes. If you know how your systems are performing, you can identify opportunities for efficiency improvement. You can pinpoint potential failures and deal with them before they happen. Your plant can deliver most profitably to your bottom line.  

Data and plant information can improve efficiency and reduce downtime but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The true value comes out when you add context to your data. When you split and share what is important across your teams, everyone can make the best decisions.

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Data extraction, management and control has been at the heart of Denca’s system integration services for many years. We are now seeing this focus increasingly reflected in the value we deliver to our customers. Our team of highly talented and experienced developers can help you make the right decisions based on real data.

Our software and systems extract and store data from most modern PLCs and SCADA across a plant. We use both industry-standard historians and our own custom software. We can leverage and integrate with many types of database technologies, allowing our software to run alongside your existing logging solutions.

Accessible Data

Data is of little value unless it is truly accessible. Our in-house specialists develop informative and easy to interpret web applications,  built from the ground up around the needs of your business. Applications present factory information, statistics, and metrics through any standard web browser, directly to the people who can make best use of it.

Written using Microsoft standard .Net technologies, our web applications are easily modified and extended to follow the evolving needs of your business.

We can bridge the industrial IT, PC and mobile application world and join the dots further into your business.

We can also deploy your system into Amazon AWS cloud or other cloud computing providers.

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