Installation & Testing

Denca provides comprehensive installation services for electrical control systems, guaranteeing exceptional quality at every stage of the process.  

Our skilled in-house installation team constructs the required systems on-site, adhering to the most stringent standards to ensure optimal performance and functionality.  

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We take great care to minimise any potential impact on your business operations during the installation process. We understand that ‘production is king’. Additionally, we offer opportunities for your staff to participate in the system build, enabling them to acquire a thorough comprehension of the layout and design. Our approach empowers your team to contribute to the project’s success and prepares them for any future system maintenance needs. 

Electrical testing is a critical component of Denca’s services, ensuring that all electrical systems function properly and meet regulatory and safety requirements. Our testing process includes a range of assessments, from initial continuity and insulation tests to functional testing of control systems. We use cutting-edge equipment and technologies to perform these tests accurately and efficiently. 

Our Services include the installation of… 

  • Industrial Process Controls
  • Hazardous Area Systems
  • General Lighting and Power Circuits
  • LED and Low-energy Lighting Systems
  • Cable Management
  • Electrical Systems Maintenance
  • Inspection and Testing

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