EMC Training

EMC Training at Denca

Denca continues to improve the skills and knowledge of our workshop’s manufacturing team,  this recent initiative was organised by our workshop manager, Carter. Everyone present was pleased to take part in a refresher course on Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC), an important subject for control panel manufacturers. The training was delivered by a representative from the leading electronic components supplier, Omron. 

Since 1992, all manufacturers and importers have had to follow the UK regulations on EMC, ensuring their products are compliant. This refresher programme ensures Denca’s methods and procedures remain up to date. The training also reinforces the good manufacturing practices that we employ every day to meet the demands of the regulations.

EMC compliance practices form part of our in house testing regime. Whether working to our own or a customer’s design, every control panel we build goes through a bespoke set of tests. Our internal systems provide fully auditable data. This process ensures testing is carried out accurately and correctly.

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