Focused on imaginative solutions


At Denca, everything we do is focused on delivering the best possible outcome for each specific project. Yet while that goal remains constant, how we set about achieving it can be different every single time.

Denca’s business is built on five core services:

  1. Design
  2. Software Development
  3. Control Panels
  4. Installation
  5. Instrumentation/Calibration

Each is available to our clients at the highest level, individually or in any combination, tweaked to make the solution the perfect fit for the particular challenge at hand.

In the beginning…

From the very beginning, starting out alone in a modest rented office in the summer of 1995, the company’s founders – engineers Alan Brennan & John Talbot – wanted Denca to offer clients something new. They weren’t comfortable with the hierarchical attitude adopted by some, with the restrictions it inevitably placed on what could be attained. They set out instead to offer the alternative, team approach, based on performance and flexibility, that remains central to everything Denca does.

Knowing when to step forward and when somebody else is better placed is critical to successful teamwork. With around 75 employees working across engineering, design, instrumentation, installation and support, Denca has extensive experience over a wide range of skills and sectors. Only through communication and remaining approachable and adaptable at every stage can we ensure these strengths are offered exactly where and when they are needed.


Some projects by their very nature demand working to an extremely tight specification driven by the customer. In these instances, we are asked only to deliver the leading technology, workmanship and service we pride ourselves on.

On other occasions the planned project might be open to change or developmen, and the customer may appreciate additional input and fresh ideas on the table. We can offer insights based not just on industry best practice but first-hand knowledge and personal involvement.

While the ultimate decision naturally rests with the client, Denca will offer practical advice and innovative suggestions where they contribute to the end goal of securing the optimum solution for the situation.

By approaching every problem as part of a team, we hope we can always help customers find the right answer for them.

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