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Design and manufacture of bespoke control panels is a key element of the Denca operation. Consequently, our dedicated panel team can deliver exactly the panel you need. Being Denca, our extensive knowledge allows us to offer various levels of support ranging from initial design, through a full scope of technical and practical advice to our clients. As a result, we ensure that we supply efficient and reliable control panels that do the required job effectively. We are equally happy to work with you to your own panel design.

Denca’s control panel workshop has seen notable growth over recent years. In late 2014 our panel manufacturing facility relocated to new premises on the Denca site in Widnes. The move saw our panel capacity increase significantly yet now, only 4 years later, with the control panel team grown from 3 to 15, we are looking at further expansion.

Practical Panel Experience

Our experience covers panels large and small, from straightforward to complex. We work with a growing range of industry sectors including:  

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities (energy and power)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

Advice on improving energy efficiency is increasingly important, especially given the relentless rise in utility costs. However, there is much more that Denca can help with. As well as energy saving we help with improving operational efficiency, perhaps by streamlining the number of components in a panel, or by using an alternative component that combines more effectively with the other designated elements. Upgrades such as these can have a positive impact on panel cost, as well as efficiency – a real win-win.

Don’t forget the enclosure

Panel enclosures are often given lower priority in the design process. Yet is a standard enclosure most appropriate, or does a custom fabricated enclosure provide the best solution? Of course, it depends on the circumstances but Denca can advise on best practice. It may be apptoptiate to cost-effectively adapt a standard panel to fit into the planned location.

Denca will help with individual needs and always give honest advice.

As with all our work, we fully document panel projects to support traceability through the design, manufacture, test & commissioning process

Naturally, any design changes made are recorded and drawings are updated in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and Denca quality policies and procedures. Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) – are carried out accordingly, along with all commissioning.   

As our experience continues to grow we increasingly find that some customer in-house designs can perform better with some adaption. We are happy to work with customer designs but always ready to contribute to getting the best, practical outcome.

Denca builds panels every day and we have over 23 years experience of designing and building panels. As a result, we are in a great position to offer professional advice and help our customers receive more cost-efficient, effective and reliable control panels.

All part of the Denca service  

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