November 2023 – Paul Boscoe

Paul only joined our team in March last year and I’m sure you will agree, he has been a tremendous asset to the project management team from the outset.

Paul’s attitude to taking the company forward was immediately evident and to his credit he was quick to progress any sales opportunity he found, this enthusiasm soon led to a number of successes in winning work. Paul recently managed to add an even larger feather to his cap by successfully winning a large order with a brand new customer, Guenthers Bakeries. Guenthers are a very successful bakery who supply McDonalds with nearly a billion burger buns every year. Paul has worked hard over recent months to secure this work and for that he wins the recognition of this FAIR award.

Well done Paul and hopefully this is the first of many orders from your new customer and just as importantly hopefully it’s the first of many FAIR awards.

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Paul Boscoe

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